Why Egypt?

About Egypt

The pearl of Africa, Egypt welcomes its visitors with its beautiful climate, impressive nature, tasteful cuisine, cultural heritage and rich historical background. You can enjoy swimming or diving in Sharm el Sheikh and have an unforgettable summer holiday in the high-end hotels, or you can be impressed by the beyond words history in Cairo. Taking a tour on the legendary Nile will also make a lifetime experience or shopping at the souks. If none of these appeal to you, you can go for climbing Mount Sinai or you can prove yourself in quad biking in the desert. Without any doubt, pyramids in Egypt will only be a part of your Egypt trip. If you think the pyramids are the only attraction that are worth seeing.

Visa Procedure of Egypt

Egypt requires visa from travelers from some foreign countries. For more detailed information, you can visit the official website of Egypt Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Attractions in Egypt

Scuba Diving in Sharm El Sheikh–Pyramids– Nile- Muhammad Ali Mosque and the Egyptian Museum

Shopping in Egypt

Egypt offers a wide range of handmade souvenirs and all of them will put a smile on the faces of your family members and friends. You can consider buying these popular souvenirs for your beloved ones.
Handmade Egyptian carpets- Alabaster products -Papyrus paintings-Jewelry-Cartouches

Event Tourism in Egypt

With its cultural and historical background, Egypt plays an important role as an ideal hub for international and academic events such as conferences, congresses, symposiums and trade shows. Events in Egypt has always drawn considerable attention worldwide especially in the last 15 years.