AAPP in Brief

AAPP: is an organization founded according to the laws of Ministry of Social Solidarity. “announced under the Number: 10306/2016”.
AAPP: is the first non-profit scientific association for the Arab pharmacists in Egypt.
AAPP: is dedicated to connect, develop and provide value added programs to pharmaceutical community.
AAPP: cooperates with the national & international scientific entities, leading pharmaceutical corporations and medical partners to create and disseminate knowledge and best practices.
Mission: To energize the Pharmacists’ role in medical community.
Vision: To make a quantum leap in Pharmacy career by end of 2020.

Key Message

– We are sure that every colleague will agree upon the urgent need of a trend for pharmacy practice to move away from its original focus on medicine supply towards a more inclusive focus on patient care.

– By taking direct responsibility for individual patient’s medicine-related needs, pharmacists can make a unique contribution to the outcome of drug therapy and to their patients’ quality of life.
– AAPP will be dedicated to foster all kinds of activities that could add value to pharmacy community in the Arab world to achieve this goal.

– Let’s start a new era of cooperation to retain the leading role of Pharmacists in the medical community for the benefit of Patients and Health Care Providers.


– To enhance competencies and capabilities of Arab pharmacists.
– To reduce the gap between pharmacy education and practice.
– To foster collaboration among different pharmaceutical sectors.
– To help in rebuilding a better pharmacy career.


– We provide the recent articles, publications and scientific updates through our website: www.aapharmacist.com.
– We provide quarterly printed free magazine covering the most interesting subjects and news.
– We arrange beneficial training courses in collaboration with specialized professional entities.
– We organize regular annual scientific conference dedicated to connect pharmacists, share insights and gain knowledge.
– We help pharmacists to find better career opportunities.